Two Popular Webinars Kick Off 2014 at GLCCSchool!

Bill Rohde - January 11, 2014

Safety for Cruising Couples by Sheila McCurdy

All boaters, power or sail, will find this January 8th webinar invaluable for brushing up on-board safety skills from one of the sport's most widely recognized experts. Click SAFETY for more information and to register. Boat as a couple? Consider attending the webinar together. 

Most cruising couples have one who is more experienced and one less so. This system can work until the skipper is incapacitated or busy trying to control an emergency. Both people need to know how to retrieve a person from the water, how to use the radio to get help, and how to navigate toward safety. That confidence will bring peace of mind to both. Sheila McCurdy, past Cruising Club of America Commodore, US SAILING National Faculty chair, and Safety at Sea Committee member and Seminar moderator, has taught literally thousands of boaters the essentials needed for safe boating, and now brings that information to the comfort of your home through this webinar.

Note - While this webinar is equally applicable to men and women, couples and singles, GLCC member Vicki Jensen, wife of Commodore Niels Jensen, is hoping to use the topic to spark further follow-up discussions on the GLCC Women & Cruising discussion group. Check it out after the webinar!.

Happy Hooking by Alex and Daria Blackwell

On January 11th join the couple who literally "wrote the book" on anchors and anchoring to become more confident in using the gear you have, or more knowledgeable as you update your ground tackle selected from the much-improved products out there today. Click HOOKING for more information and to register.

The webinar will examine available equipment and its performance under simulated and real conditions. In addition, the webinar will cover:

  • Tackle and Anchor Selection
  • Techniques for Setting the Anchor
  • Scope, Chafe, Snubbers, Kellets, Trip Lines and More
  • Anchorage Selection: Charts & Guides, Picking Your Spot, Swing Radius
  • Setting Two Anchors and Med Mooring
  • Weighing Anchor
  • Anchoring Etiquette