Swanson and Templin Drew Large Crowd at Lake Superior Dinner

JensenNR - February 2, 2010

About 90 members and guest attended the GLCC's Lake Superior Mid-Winter Dinner on Jan. 16. A major draw were the world-famous cruisers Roger Swanson and Gaynelle Templin, who spoke about successfully going through the Northwest Passage in 2007, and received a special Club commendation from Commodore J.E. Fordyce. For a full account of the event, please click here.


Ocean-Explorer's picture

It would be interesting to see how many GLCC members have sailed with Roger or with Roger and Gaynelle at one time or another. I think there are quite a few.

Donna and I did a trip with them from March to May 1998 in which we sailed from Durban, South Africa to Tulear, Madagascar. We then spent several weeks cruising up the west coast of Madagascar to Nosy Be.

I sailed with them again in 2002 from the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, through the Canal to the San Blas Islands, then to Cartegena, Columbia and on to Aruba and Curacao.

These were wonderful experiences which combined offshore sailing, coastal cruising, and onshore travel adventures. Roger and Gaynelle were fine mentors in all three areas.

I would love to hear some vignettes of other GLCCers who were also Cloud Niners.