Sportsman's Inn, Killarney Update

davidglallen - July 9, 2008


Things Looking Up in Killarney

QB3 along with David Allen and Susan D. Smith are tied up in Killarney at the Killarney Mountain Lodge (Wednesday, July 8,9).

We visited Daryl Bates, the new Manager of the Sportsman's Inn.  As Editor of Lifeline and as Rear Commodore, Georgian Bay I interviewed him in relation to the current status of the Inn.  Here is the short version of what he had to say.

New gas dock is in and gas/diesel is available for sale.  The old sloping pier and dock is gone, the remnants of which can be seen on the shore

First of new transient docks is in and available for transient boats to stay.  New docks are being built as we speak and each of the docks are being replaced including all of the docks on the George Island side of the channel.

There is no power, nor water on the new dock.  Daryl indicates the services will be operational within about a week, with more coming on line each week.

The Inn itself is being updated with a  new addition and replacement decks.  It is hoped that the dining room and bar will be open in the next few weeks.  Two chefs have been hired and are on scene starting preparations.

Plans call for a new outdoor gathering place (barbecues and large gatherings) dredging of the harbour and new rooms in the Inn for visitors to your boat.  I got the distinct impression that things will happen as planned and not get stalled

All in all things are looking up in Killarney.  Other shop owners are expressing relief that the Inn is reopening.  ""Sooner the better",  they say,  as they need the Inn to support the services they provide up and down the channel.



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Hi All!

We were just in Killarney at the end of July. We stayed at the Sportsman's Inn Marina and are happy to report that we had a very nice stay. The Marina staff are friendly and helpful. We thought the services were good (water and electric were at the docks) and the facilities well maintained. The dining room at Sportsman's wasn't opened for dinner (although it is for Breakfast) but the bar serves food in the evening.

We did a little blog about it:

We really enjoyed our stay in Killarney!

Phil McCauley and Bernadine Rolnicki
Chicago, IL