"Active Index" PDFs

dweller - October 10, 2011

The Log Book committee has developed a way to get a PDF version of the harbor reports that includes an active table of contents. An active table of contents allows you to select a specific report in the table of contents and make a direct jump to that report. This makes it practical to download an entire lake or region as a single file. For information on this procedure, go to this discussion forum...

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I have just tried the "Active Index" method. It certainly cuts the download time drastically and I will use it for the Appendix. For the rest of the logs I will continue to download them as Microsoft xps files, since the content of these files can be searched down to the text level, at least for the harbor reports. The search can be initiated from the main log folder and will search all subfolders. I have a separate folder for each lake and for the North Channel, Georgian Bay, Erie Canal, and Trent-Severn Canal. PDF files are smaller and, with the index method, are much faster to download, but disk space is cheap these days and once the list is downloaded in xps format it is relatively easy to update the files. To download in xps format just bring up printer-friendly file and select XPS as the printer, select the folder, type in the name, and hit print. As an aside, one thing I would dearly like to see is the inclusion of the comments in the print format downloads. While these often go out of date, they can be very useful if you have updated your files just prior to a trip.

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I need the activation code requested in the above subject. I am now finding time to try and use the software. If this is not possible, please let me know.
Product ID: 1044002006

Thanks in advance for your assistance.