Party for Roy Eaton & Jack Bailey - July 25 in Little Current

melrd - July 12, 2010

On Sunday July 25, there will be a party in Little Current.  Most of the events will be held at the Pavillion at the west end of the Town Docks.  This party is particularly significant for GLCC members because at the dinner we will honor Roy Eaton, who runs the Cruiser's Net, and Dr. Jack Bailey, longtime GLCC fleet surgeon. They will both be given honorary memberships in the GLCC.

Roy has made cruising the North Channel both safe and enjoyable for many years.  He has also publically and privately supported the Club and its activities.  He richly deserves this honor and more for what he has contributed to those who cruise the waters of the North Channel.

Dr. Bailey has not only served the club as Fleet Surgeon but was also for years the invaluable advisor and assistant for medical matters when cruisers needed help in the North Channel. He recently retired from his practice on Manitoulin Island.

The Party will begin with a pancake breakfast at the Pavillion.  A number of local organizations use this event to raise money for youth activities.  From 2-4 PM,  Roy and his wife will host a tour of their lovely gardens at their home, about a mile west of the Town Docks.  Finally, a potluck dinner will be held at the Pavilion at 5-5:30 PM.  Listen to the Cruiser's Net at 9 AM on Channel 71 for further updates.

For those attending the Wilderness Rally in Beaverstlone Bay beginning on July 27, this makes a good stopping point on your way east. (Also for those attending the Wilderness  Rally, the latest soundings indicate 5' 6" of water depth at the north entrance to Beaverstone Bay, through the Collins Inlet.)

We hope to see as many of you at the party as possible.

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The following has been provide by Roy Eaton:

9-11 Breakfast for boaters organized by Debbie Turner
11-noon - Guest speakers at the LCYC club house. They will give a
presentation on their climb 3 years ago of Mount Kilimanjaro and this past
winter to Base Camp #1 of Everest. Two fascinating and very interesting
boaters who have fallen in love with the North Channel.
2-4 My wife and I are inviting those boaters who love gardens and flowers to
come to our home and tour her many different gardens. We live at the west
end the bay behind Picnic Island and people can come by dinghy. I've also
arranged for several volunteer drivers to transport interested boaters.
5:30 Pot-luck supper. These past few years I've been providing whitefish
and rainbow trout. I was able to secure a second propane cooker for this
year which will cut down the waiting time as it comes out of the deep fryer.
It goes like candy. :-)

I've hired two bartenders for the evening and have arranged a special
occasion permit for the hours 5pm-9pm.