OSU Basketball Buckeye, Mark Titus , Comments On Kingsville Ontario Canada

Larry_Truthan - September 12, 2009

I found  a blog from Mark Titus, an Ohio State Buckeye Basketball player.

Some  insight on the quaintness of the "Cottage" community.  The  link takes you to Marks Blog

I file this  as  Humour:




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With all respect, I read the club's acceptable use policy before posting. I purposely left it only as a link -to not consume space or bandwidth on the GLCC site.
The Fact that the author is a young collegiate athlete showing potential developing web, writing and travel interests - with longshot chance of an affluent sports career, might mean little to you.

The fact that he has an has a view of Lake Erie from his balcony, may not fulfill your boating fix. His characterizations of his Canadian host's, the fresh local produce and fruit provided for thier stay, the age and quaintness, of the infrastructure is spot on. The mix of American flags flown in Canada - I found that interesting. Have you seen Mexican Flags in the States?

I must admit When I go to Ontario I have gone to Leamington, or Point Abino, Sugarloaf Harbor Never Kingsville.

I for one have had trouble getting everywhere on the Great Lakes I would like to visit. Wanderlust is what brought me to be a member here. I wish I were a more prolific travel writer. When I was webmaster for my yachtclub, I got links established and made regular updates, which got indexed, resulting in driving traffic to and from other I-LYA and AYC club sites.

I am not related to Mark Titus in any way, but he is a full- ride collegiate scholarship player. His writing interest, internet media exposure, and the branding of his cross-linked "Club Trillion" blog More than likely drives more traffic and interest than the entire GLCC site. Perhaps you've noticed that printed Great Lakes boat magazines are MUCH thinner these days? Mark Titus may buy a boat some day, and want to contribute to a site like this one.

I guess thats what impressed me. A kid with potential showing a travel-writing interest regarding great lakes travel destinations.

I'll try not to link him in too soon.