Need Volunteers for the GLCC Booth at the Cedar Point, Ohio Boat Show

wawalter - August 19, 2008

The North American in the Water Boat Show is September 10th thru 14th at Cedar Point Ohio. I need volunteers to staff the GLCC booth. Please fill in the following form and send it to me. Thanks for the help.

Wayne Walter

Port Captain, Upper West Harbor, Ohio

GLCC North American In-Water Boat Show

Staffing Form


Name(s): _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________________

Phone:  ____________________________________________________________


I/we can staff the GLCC booth at the following times:

Wed Sept 10:  _____________ 12PM to 3:30PM     _____________ 3:30PM to 7PM

Thur Sept 11:  _____________ 12PM to 3:30PM     _____________ 3:30PM to 7PM

Fri    Sept 12:  _____________ 12PM to 3:30PM     _____________ 3:30PM to 7PM

Sat.   Sept 13:  _____________ 10AM to 2:30PM     _____________2:30PM to 7PM

Sun   Sept 14:  _____________ 10AM to 2:00PM     _____________2:00PM to 6PM


Please choose two (2) time periods to allow us schedule flexiblity. You will be notified before the show of your assigned time period. email to or snail mail to Port Captain Wayne Walter, 3689 N. Delwood Dr., Port Clinton, OH 43452.


You can contact Wayne Walter at: 419-797-0186 or at wawalter@ for more information.