In Lake Wind Farms getting incentives from Ontario

Larry_Truthan - December 28, 2009

Wall Street Journal reports Canadian Wind Projects,but no sites Submitted by Larry_Truthan on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 08:25.

According to Wall Street Journal regarding Great lakes wind farms -Ontario's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, In talks with Samsung. Some mention of Wasatch, the Utah firm which, according to another recent story,in the Chicago Tribune, had mis-filed its rights prior to selling to a Calgary concern . Rights  were first sought in Ontario Dept of Natural Resources, but request was kicked back  to Energy and Infrastructure.



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Deal weakens as Samsung talks became known:

Canadian Hydro drops plan to buy Lake Erie wind farm. Financial Post Story here:

"Canadian Hydro now believes that based on the growth opportunities available, off-shore wind is not a priority at this time," the company said in a release.

TransAlta closed its deal to buy an 87% stake in Canadian Hydro last week for about $656.3-million.

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Ontario CA Tariff favors Great Lakes-born over Land-born wind farms - ROI advantage. Applications overwhelmed the agency:

"...Wind generators with land-based turbines will get 13.5 cents for every kilowatt-hour they send to the grid. Projects built offshore in one of the four Great Lakes that border Ontario are to be paid 19 cents.

Current residential rates are either 5.6 or 6.5 cents, depending on how much a household consumes in a billing period. The average wholesale price is about 3.0 cents."

Therefore,if you consider that the wind generators are wholesale providers, they're guaranteed 450% to 633% of the current wholesale price, for 20 years!

The Lake Carriers Association bunker fuel articles already have shown us that wind generator blades are being received in Deluth. The Green energy industry claims lake born projects are 10 years out. My hunch - The "SmartGrid" will be tapping a wallet near you, sooner than we think.

(Still time to re-think renewable firewood and other biomass?)