HMS Bounty Lost in Hurricane Sandy

JensenNR - October 29, 2012

The 180-foot HMS Bounty has been lost in Hurricane Sandy. The tall ship was a frequent visitor to the Great Lakes, as seen here at Duluth, MN, in 2010, and has appeared in many major movies since it was built in Nova Scotia in 1960. The ship may have been on its way from New England to Florida. For a news report, please click HERE.  

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The captain and ship seemed to be well prepared, so the tragedy was surprise. Everyone was in a survival suit and (almost) everyone was deployed to a life raft and an EPIRB set off - averting what could have been an even worse tragedy. It will be interesting to see what questions can be answered by the investigation, so that we can all benefit from any learnings. For example,

-why did they take the course that they did?
-what caused the engine failure?
-did they have a storm anchor to deploy? was it deployed?
-was there any way to use safety lines for transiting to the life rafts?
-why did the survival suits not have individual EPIRBS?

Perhaps the captain also could have been saved if they could have found him in such difficult conditions.

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The loss of this beautiful ship is sad, and the loss of life even more tragic. It would be a miracle if the Captain is recovered alive after this long in the water, even with him wearing his immersion suit.

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14 of 16 crew were rescued by USCG; 1 body recovered and 1 crew, reportedly the Captain, missing.
God rest their souls