Grand Marais Needs Your "CHEERS"

Shell - December 20, 2010

cheerleader.jpgPlease "CHEER" for Grand Marais to come in first in Reader's Digest's $5M fundraising promotion. This beautiful town, half-way between Whitefish Point and Munising, is seeking funds to rebuild its breakwater and restore its harbor.

Put a shortcut on your desktop and click it daily. You can cheer ten times a day (all at once). Here's the URL:

The first time, give your address and e-mail address (future visits will recognize you). For Canadian residents, please use the GLCC address, 405 Water St. Suite 101, Port Huron, MI 48060

Then click on the Grand Marais link in your favorites, where you "CHEER" for their success. They really need the money to rebuild their breakwater, as federal consideration keeps getting buried in the bureaucracy. For most of us it's the only viable harbor of refuge in a 75-mile stretch of Lake Superior shoreline.

Our Great Lakes Foundation has dedicated funds for the project, but the town needs lots more.

You can help by taking part daily!

Here's the URL:

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I went to the Reader's Digest website to vote for Grand Marais. It wasn't clear to me whether entering your real address would default to a vote for your own city rather than Grand Marais, so I entered as fictitious Grand Marais address to make sure I would be voting for Grand Marais at zip 49839.

Jim Witherspoon

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Past Commo. Jim Acheson, Fleet Captain

If more of us don't step up to the plate, in a few days Grand Marais is going to lose out on this $5M grant. Albion, Mich., is closing in fast. We can help keep Grand Marais in the lead till the program ends on February 7th. Click the URL above and CHEER daily! [1/9/11]