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Last updated by Joann Mead
January 29, 2021


Welcome to the GLCC!

The website Harbor Reports section Connecting Waterways  to  W-14A,  The Great Circle has the information about the Chicago connecting waterways, which does cite a 19' clearance. 

"There is a fixed bridge with a height of 19 feet 1inch, (through downtown Chicago it is 17 feet)." 


Or: an alternative is a truck from Pittsburgh overland to a Lake Erie harbor with a crane.  An internet search has numerous websites for Inland navigable water in the USA.  

Or: go downstream at Cairo, to the Gulf of Mexico, across or around Florida, and up the East Coast to get to Lake Erie or Lake Huron via the Trent Severn route through Canada.

Also, take a look at the Harbor Reports A-3 Great Lakes Currents

The following link is a good visual for the Pittsburgh to Chicago route to the Great Lakes.  Going upstream from Cairo to Chicago can be very challenging depending on current flow, and bridge limits near Chicago into Lake Michigan.  There is a reason almost all Great Loopers go counterclockwise...

Happy planning.  

Marilyn Kinsey, sailboat "Adena"

Port Captain, Escanaba


Navigable waterways in th Eastern USA




We have been members of GLCC for 3 years.  Haven't really used it until today. 

Trying to figure out if I can get a boat from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Chicago...  OR if we can get a boat from Pittsburgh, Penn to Lake Erie.

What would be the bridge clearances??  We are a little over 19 feet--- probably 20 ft. to be Safe.  

I see there is a 19.1 bridge near Chicago-  Any way around that one? 

Where would I find that information?



Sunshine State of Mind