Chicago cruise in Summer 2017

Voyageur - September 26, 2016

We are beginning planning a trip circum navigating Lake Michigan in June-July, 2017 in our 45 ft. Ocean Alexander (power).We are familiar with the northern (sturgeon bay, Wisconsin. , Leland ,Mi.) part of the lake. Can anyone offer some advice on marinas, towns from Sturgeon Bay to Chicago to definitely see or avoid? Also planning on staying at Belmont harbor in Chicago if possible. Thanks to all. Joe Kimmell

Gypsy Spirit

Gypsy - September 21, 2016

My wife and I are new members and thought you might enjoy a video of us along with our friends as we bring our new boat (new to us) to our home marina (Barkers Island Marina, Superior WI) from Washburn Marina, Washburn WI) .
Go to YouTube and sailing wandering toes and last but most important hit the video of Gypsy Spirit.

About us

Ketch-47 - January 30, 2016

We are a 1986 Vagabond Stay Sail Ketch, 47 feet on deck, but overall approximately 55 feet. A Vagabond is from the design desk of the late William Garden Ltd. who is responsible for at least 30 sailboat designs, including the Formosa 51 and the Hudson Force of the same size.  The Vagabond displaces at least 44 thousand pounds. It has a draft of 6 feet and a 14 foot beam. Like many ketches it does do that well to windward, but you will never arrive in port tried out.

Beaverstone to Mill Lake and through Collins Inlet

kbraun - July 12, 2015

Looking for any recent crusiers who have visited this area this season.   "Spirit" draws 6'5" so we have some hesitation around our first trip through Beaverstone to Collins Inlet.  The charts and harbour reports show good warning but if anyone has current depths and anchoring details would be appreciated before we head north on July 17.  


The Great LOOP

ConnieB - April 14, 2014

We are preparing to embark on the Great Loop, circumnavigating the Eastern United States.  What a wonderful experience just preparing for the Journey.  All the best to everyone in their preparations for the coming season.

2013 Summer Cruise

wirlwind - July 26, 2013

Made it to Tobermory from Collingwood.  First day, went to Hope, had to go around Beckwith Island to get there.  The wind was 15 Kts from the NW and waves were about 2ft.  Sailed with just the Genie made about 6 Kts.  The next day decided to go to Wingfield Basin but in stead made Tobermory.  Got in about 2030.  Was met by a Blue Grass band...Met Marli and Warren Fitz and had drinks on their boat.  Still waiting to hear from Frank about where to meet him.  Anyhow good start to the Cruise.

Charter Chatter

dharveyd - January 23, 2013

We are getting ducks lined up to charter the boat, part-time, this coming season. Have got my USCG six-pack license. Now must get Michigan DNR inspections. If anyone knows a good source for Type I or Type II pfds, I am all ears.


wirlwind - September 7, 2012

Traveled yesterday from Hopewell to Britt.  Strong winds from the NW.  Spent the night at the Town docks.  Had to pay this time.  Went for dinner at the Little Britt Inn, not as good as it was.  Found out that Jim had surgery and left for Places South...Also Paddy of 'The Paddy Shack'...Died last year.  Now this just seems like any run down old Northern Ontario town...DULL...Anyhow, tomorrow may be a bad day to head out so may stay here one more night and head for Club Island or Kilarney???


lancypa - August 2, 2012

Tomorrow is my last day in the office and with retirement I can finish the preparations for the Great Loop trip.  Lenore and I will be starting the Loop right after Labor Day.  The exact date is not set right now but it shoulld not be too much after Labor Day.

I hope to use this Blog to keep everyone informed of our trip and progress.  Stay tuned.