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US Customs and Border Patrol Boarding (Soo Area)

Bonnie Dahl - June 11, 2009

On Sunday, 7 June 2009 we had an interesting experience as we were leaving Superior's Whitefish Bay and entering the St. Marys River. We had just cleared Gros Cap Light when we were quickly overtaken by a very official boat from behind with blue flashing lights. We were approached broadside and hailed in no uncertain terms, "We are boarding you" and more quickly than you could blink an eye, two officers were on board. They were US Customs and Border Patrol - not the Coast Guard.

Lauched and heading out

Bonnie Dahl - June 8, 2009

Launched on Thursday 21 May. Worked on the boat a few more days and loaded up ship's stores. For once everything went very well (knock on wood). Left a week later on the 28th for Stockton Is. Would have loved to have spent a few days there but had a weather window for the 80 mile run to Keweenaw that just couldn't be missed. Left 0430 Friday morning and motor-sailed on light westerly following winds entering Upper Entry shortly after 1800. Presently spending a few days in the Waterway.