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Winter Weather

dweller - June 8, 2009

 Back up to the boat for the weekend of June 5-7. Summer like weather on Friday, but then cold, rain, wind for Saturday and Sunday. Summer is like to return next weekend, maybe.




dweller - May 31, 2009

Annwfn was launched on schedule, Tuesday, May 26, in heavy rain and strong winds from the east. We delayed leaving until after supper, when the wind dropped a bit and the rain slowed. Then we motored the 16 miles from Mackinaw City to Duncan Bay, where we were met by docking helpers Mel and Sue Durchslag, about 10:30 pm, in heavy rain again.

Put the boat to bed, slept, then left for home Wednesday morning.

Launch Day Approaches

dweller - May 18, 2009

 A hectic two weeks of work is leading up to launch day, Tuesday, May 26, the day after Memorial Day. This is the latest launch for us in the last 25 years--the result of bad weather, GLCC weekend meetings, delays in parts orders, and other things.