charges for marine repair work

donaldjhayosh - January 25, 2019

I recently had an experience with a marine repair service that quoted me a labor rate of $110/hr here in the Lake St Clair area. He arrived with an assistant and completed the job in about 3.5 hrs. He subsequently billed me at $220/hr for a total of $910. I called him about his "mistake" and was told it was correct because the charge was $110/hr/MAN. I was shocked had what he was trying to pull on me, and refused to pay the full amount, instead paying at the rate of 4110/hr. What is the standard for billing marine services in the Great Lakes area and have others had similar experiences?

St Ignace Rondevous July 2019

Alan Clark - December 5, 2018

We are contempating going to the St Ignace GLCC destination from the Western Basin of Lake Erie (Catawba Island)

with our Sailboat (Anam Cara). we are looking for port recommendations going up the American Side with our first two stops being Bayview yacht club and second being Desmond Marine (Port Huron). We would like to do about 40 miles a day. and come back the same way-we are flexible in our time. Any thoughts or suggestions also if anyone else is interested in going.   Sincerely  Alan & Eileen




From the Great Lakes to the Caribbean --new book by Ken Kabb

kenkabb - January 26, 2018

My new book is now available from and other booksellers.  Title is "Jade Moonbeams" and it's a cruising memoir of three years aboard my Hans Christian 33T, Jade Moon.  We sailed from Cleveland, Ohio to Venezuela and return in a clockwise loop that took us from Hampton, VA to Totrola via Bermuda; then down-island to Grenada and Venezuela where we spent a year exploring the geography, language and culture.  The return loop took us across the Caribbean to Nevis, then up-island via St Martin, VI's, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and back to Florida.  Coastwise north to NYC,

2018 Georgian Bay Rendezvous

James Hajec - December 22, 2017

Looking for another Trawler heading to the GLCC July rendezvou. Our trawler cruises about 10 MPH. We will be traveling from Sandusky Bay heading to Georgian Bay. No timetable as of yet, probably early July.

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Lake Champlain, St. Lawrence

Voyageur - September 20, 2017

We are planning a trip next summer(2018) from Northern Michigan thru the Trent Sevren into the St. Lawrence and finally to Lake Champlain. I plan to leave my boat out thhere for the winter, and return in 2019 to travel back. I am looking for a good marina which has inside (preferrably heated) storage for our 42 foot Ocean Alexander, as well as good mechanics to perform any necessary work over the winter. Can anyone give me good recommendations? Joe Kimmell

Lake Superior East Shore Cellular/internet service

John Gilling - May 4, 2017

Does anyone have recent experience cruising the East Shore of Lake Superior from the Soo to Wawa regarding cell/internet coverage? I'm potentially planning a cruise there this summer, but will need to remain "connected" to accomodate some of the crew. Would purchasing a Canadian phone with a "hotspot" help in this manner. Last time I was in the North Channel, my cellphone bill was more than any other expense.


Thanks in advance for your response.


John Gilling

Chicago cruise in Summer 2017

Voyageur - September 26, 2016

We are beginning planning a trip circum navigating Lake Michigan in June-July, 2017 in our 45 ft. Ocean Alexander (power).We are familiar with the northern (sturgeon bay, Wisconsin. , Leland ,Mi.) part of the lake. Can anyone offer some advice on marinas, towns from Sturgeon Bay to Chicago to definitely see or avoid? Also planning on staying at Belmont harbor in Chicago if possible. Thanks to all. Joe Kimmell

Gypsy Spirit

Gypsy - September 21, 2016

My wife and I are new members and thought you might enjoy a video of us along with our friends as we bring our new boat (new to us) to our home marina (Barkers Island Marina, Superior WI) from Washburn Marina, Washburn WI) .
Go to YouTube and sailing wandering toes and last but most important hit the video of Gypsy Spirit.

About us

Ketch-47 - January 30, 2016

We are a 1986 Vagabond Stay Sail Ketch, 47 feet on deck, but overall approximately 55 feet. A Vagabond is from the design desk of the late William Garden Ltd. who is responsible for at least 30 sailboat designs, including the Formosa 51 and the Hudson Force of the same size.  The Vagabond displaces at least 44 thousand pounds. It has a draft of 6 feet and a 14 foot beam. Like many ketches it does do that well to windward, but you will never arrive in port tried out.

Beaverstone to Mill Lake and through Collins Inlet

kbraun - July 12, 2015

Looking for any recent crusiers who have visited this area this season.   "Spirit" draws 6'5" so we have some hesitation around our first trip through Beaverstone to Collins Inlet.  The charts and harbour reports show good warning but if anyone has current depths and anchoring details would be appreciated before we head north on July 17.