One more reason not to drink while driving your freighter

Bill Rohde - March 21, 2008

It appears that some freighter captain may have put down one too many at the world's longest bar in Put-In-Bay, before deciding to take a shortcut from the anchorage, heading west to Detroit.  The amazing thing ... he almost made it!

Seriously, you'll find this interesting lakeside retreat on the western shore of Put-In-Bay.  My question ... "How did they do that?"


WestHarborCatalina's picture

The freighter bow pictured is part of the Benson Ford,
commissioned in the 1920's by Henry Ford and used by
him from time to time as his own private yacht.

Crew members reportedly said the unusual engine on this
ship could "talk". Hour after hour, the thumping engine
sounded to them like it was saying, "Makin' Money - Makin'
Money - Makin' Money".

When the ship was scrapped, the bow section, with fine
cabin furnishings, was set on a barge, brought to the
South Bass Island site, and pushed/skidded off the barge
onto the waiting foundation.

timb7734's picture

At one time the above freighter was a bed and breakfast on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, today a private home. Local legend is the original owner just wanted an unusual retreat.

Boaters visiting the area will find the dwelling on the west side of the Island, towards Green Island light i think.