JonKinne - June 28, 2009

The Michigan State Waterways Commission Harbor at Leland, MI (M-14) is closed pending the completion of a major reconstruction project at the Marina.  In a conversation, the Harbormaster, Russell Dzuba, reported that contractors plan to have dock space and fuel availability by July 3 (not June 26 as previously reported), with full functionality of the Marina facilities restored by July 15.

Since the phone listed in Harbor Report M-14 has been disconnected during the renovation, boaters are asked to contact the Harbormaster directly at 231-534-4580 before planning to call at Leland.  Mr. Dzuba noted that as a Harbor of Refuge, Leland would allow boaters to anchor in the lee of the breakwall, but that accessing the mainland "is the trick", since no one is permitted on the dock structures at this time.

When finished, the capacity of the Marina will increase from the current 47 slips to a capacity of 69, comprised of a combination of 30', 38' and 45' slip wells, in addition to broadside slips in lengths of 90' and 125'.

While everyone is working as quickly as possible to meet the completion dates, Mr. Dzuba cautioned that weather or other unforeseen circumstances could cause a delay, and urged boaters therefore to contact him at 231-534-4580 before planning a passage to Leland.