Lake Michigan Ferry Concerns

dweller - November 10, 2011

 The cross-Lake-Michigan ferry, the Badger, is in the midst of a controversy. The owners are applying for historical status, which may allow them to continue dumping coal ash from their engines. Here's a news story...

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This is a topic that fascinates me, because I wonder how well it has really been studied. My guess is that the no-dumping rules were originally written to prevent scores of ships from dumping in the lakes. I wonder if the following questions have been studied by those who want to stop the Badger from dumping its ash. 1. What ARE the significant effects of the Badger, all by itself, dumping ash in the lake? 2. What is the overall economic impact to vehicles and passengers currently using the Badger to cross the lake if the Badger ceases operation? 3. What will be the economic impact and employment impact to the cities of Manitowoc and Ludington if the Badger must cease operation? 4. What is the pollution trade-off if vehicles and passengers currently using the Badger have to drive around one end of the lake or another to reach their destination? 5. Should State or Federal money be used to subsidize any fuel conversion installation on the Badger which will eliminate the dumping? If a bridge was being built across the lake, certainly it would be paid for by State and/or Federal funds. I have not read that this has been studied, but maybe it has. It seems to me that this would be important information to have before anything is done.