Great Lakes Compact

dweller - January 9, 2009

The Great Lakes Basin Compact—important legislation designed to protect the future of the Great Lakes—goes into effect today, December 8, 2008. Here's a newspaper editorial which summarizes the compact...

And here's some detail of the act itself...


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Finally. My close friend outside Phoenix can no longer count on Great Lakes water to feed his cactus plants. It would have been enacted sooner wre it not for my state senator right here in the great swing state of Ohio. Sen Tim Grendell held the bill up in the Ohio legislature for over a year, claiming that its enactment would nullify certain riparian rights of those who lived along the shores of Lake Erie. In addition he claimed that the agreement would raise questions about who actually owned the water table under one's property (like mine from where I get my well water. Some minor adjustments were made to legislatioon to alleviate those concerns. But since he was wrong to begin with, those changes have little or no impact on the ability of the Great lakes states and Canadian provinces to preserve the Great Lakes from diversion.

The one problem that does exist, I gather, is that some diversion can take place for commercial bottled water. I'm not sure how much of a problem that is, given that most abutting communities use the Lakes as their drinking water source so the amount of commercial diversion may not add much to the current consumptive drain.

Mel Durchslag
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