Erie/Ontario Wind Farms 5 Years Off

dweller - June 9, 2010

New York state wind farms in Lake Erie or Lake Ontario are approximately 5 years off. News story here... At the same time, county officials in Michigan have rejected a wind-farm proposal off Ludington, in Lake Michigan. Story here...


Ocean-Explorer's picture

The May/June 2010 issue of Boat U.S. Magazine has an interesting article entitled "Is Ocean Zoning in Boating's Future?" It discusses competition for ocean and Great Lakes space. If you Google "Ocean Zoning" and explore some of the references, you may be surprised at how many wind generation projects have been proposed for the waters that members of the GLCC frequent. Boat U.S. is encouraging boaters and fishermen to become involved in the zoning process. The article suggests that Boat U.S. will work to represent boater's interests. If the GLCC does not wish to get involved directly in the zoning process, then I would hope that they would at least support the Boat U.S. effort in some way. Somebody has to take the lead in supporting the interests of boaters and fishermen as this process unfolds. Perhaps Boat U.S. is the organization to do it in view of their national membership base.