Boat and Boater documentation

mnewbury - July 26, 2011

I have heard that crusing on the lakes regardless of crossing the Boarder requires that you have to carry a number of pieces of documentation. The list changes can anyone give me a definative list.  In addition to normal boat registration as a Canadian I have to have my operators card and radio liciense but do I need a copy of my insurance and if I don't cross the boarder do I have to have photo ID.  I would appreciate feedback from anyone who knows or has been asked for documents. Thanks Mike (Toronto)

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You may wish to take a look at border crossing information and links in A-20 Report (in the Harbor Report's Appendix). It should have most of the information you're asking about. The A-25 report may also be useful, but that's geared towards Lake Superior issues.

 Port Captain Niels R. Jensen, S/V Freelance