Glider - January 30, 2011


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Hi Chip
If you`re doing Georgian Bay west shore this summer, let us know your plans. We`ll likely get to Gore Bay for the Rendezvous, but nothing firm beyond that.
We have more snow than we need here, too. (Kitchener, ON)

Ted Youngs
P/C Wiarton, GB-12
S/V Ted`s Toy 2

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Hi Class Act

Nice to hear from you. Everything's fine here and hope with you as well. Getting enough cardios in shoveling snow tho. Waiting for the melt so we can go iceboating. 83 days til launch. Hope to see you this summer. I'm thinking of doing Georgian Bay west shore and perhaps meeting up with Gunkholer when they come thru the canel but those plans will probably change 5 times before then. Take care.