Antigua to Statia

gbowdish - January 5, 2010

A rain cloud passed over the anchorage as we prepared to leave Antigua. Behind us, Allegro was framed by a full rainbow. Discovery had already left and was positioned at the end of the rainbow. Barry and I had decided to leave the group and head off on our own but would meet up with them on the 15th in St. Martin to help celebrate Sharon's birthday. The others planned to anchor off St. Kitts on the way to St. Martin while we planned to visit Nevis where friends Hud and Lynne from Belle of Virginia had bought a home. They had participated in the 2005 Caribbean 1500.

Guadeloupe to Antigua

gbowdish - December 14, 2009

After spending a rolly night in the anchorage at the Saintes, I went ashore the next morning to clear in with Customs, only to learn that the fax machine was broken, and I would have to go to the main island of Guadeloupe.  I stocked up on baguettes and french cheese, fresh produce from a roadside stand, and a bottle of the local rum. On the way back to my kayak, I ran into Ed and Heidi from Shearwater, a catamaran that had been anchored near me in Dominica. We seem to be on similar cruising schedules

BVI Cruising

gbowdish - November 23, 2009

It's amazing how quickly time passes on a sailboat. After boarding Gaiamar on Friday night, we finally left the marina on Sunday afternoon with Gene kicking and screaming to stay attached to the internet so he could Skype. Once we got to our anchorage in Benure's Bay on Norman Island he was glad we left the marina. The snorkeling was great and it was much cooler with the breeze since the marina is so protected.

Joy For All arrives BVI in record time

gbowdish - November 14, 2009

Joy For All arrived in the British Virgin Islands Monday morning a little after 8am, completing the 1300 nautical mile journey in six days, nineteen hours and seventeen minutes for an average speed of 7.7 knots. We used the engine when the wind was less than 10 knots, which only happened for about eight hours. This was the fastest Caribbean 1500 of the six Joy For All has participated in.  At yesterday's award ceremony we learned that we placed third in our class.

Caribbean 1500 to begin November 2

gbowdish - November 1, 2009

The fleet of 60 boats is gathering in Hampton, VA for the November 2nd start of the 20th Caribbean 1500 rally. Joy For All is ready to go. After getting last-minute boat projects finished this morning we are now staying warm and dry while the weather has turned cold and wet outside. The forecast sounds pretty wet for the next two days, so we are taking advantage of being able to stay warm while we can. The cockpit enclosure helps, but I'll be donning long underwear for the start, and I don't intend to take it off until we've crossed the Gulf Stream.

2009 Lake Erie solo challenge

gbowdish - October 24, 2009

Shanti has now successfully completed a solo challenge on four of the five Great Lakes. Next year I'm setting my sights on Lake Ontario to complete the set. Only two people, Wally McMinn on Odyssey and Dan Pavalat on Taz have completed a solo challenge on each of the five Great Lakes. I'm grateful for the opportunity to test myself and my boat, and feel proud to be a member of the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society.

Respect for Lake Erie

gbowdish - August 28, 2009

I left Mentor Harbor just after sunset the other night for an overnight sail to Put-In-Bay. The wind was light at first, less than 10 knots, so I motor-sailed for two hours.  At 2240 I turned the engine off, sailing close-hauled with a SW wind of 10 knots giving me 6.2 knots of boat speed.  By midnight, the genoa was reefed, and by 0020 I had put a reef in the main as well for an apparent wind of 20 knots. The wind was clocking around to the west, and I was only able to sail within 25 degrees of my desired course.

US Customs and Border Patrol Boarding (Soo Area)

Bonnie Dahl - June 11, 2009

On Sunday, 7 June 2009 we had an interesting experience as we were leaving Superior's Whitefish Bay and entering the St. Marys River. We had just cleared Gros Cap Light when we were quickly overtaken by a very official boat from behind with blue flashing lights. We were approached broadside and hailed in no uncertain terms, "We are boarding you" and more quickly than you could blink an eye, two officers were on board. They were US Customs and Border Patrol - not the Coast Guard.

Lauched and heading out

Bonnie Dahl - June 8, 2009

Launched on Thursday 21 May. Worked on the boat a few more days and loaded up ship's stores. For once everything went very well (knock on wood). Left a week later on the 28th for Stockton Is. Would have loved to have spent a few days there but had a weather window for the 80 mile run to Keweenaw that just couldn't be missed. Left 0430 Friday morning and motor-sailed on light westerly following winds entering Upper Entry shortly after 1800. Presently spending a few days in the Waterway.


dweller - May 31, 2009

Annwfn was launched on schedule, Tuesday, May 26, in heavy rain and strong winds from the east. We delayed leaving until after supper, when the wind dropped a bit and the rain slowed. Then we motored the 16 miles from Mackinaw City to Duncan Bay, where we were met by docking helpers Mel and Sue Durchslag, about 10:30 pm, in heavy rain again.

Put the boat to bed, slept, then left for home Wednesday morning.

Founders Award Submission Requirements Updated to Include Web Logs

Bill Rohde - October 27, 2015

The Founders Award is an annual GLCC member award for the best cruising log of a cruise on the Great Lakes. Many members have migrated to blogs or personal web sites for recording their cruising logs, and as a result, the club recently updated its award procedures to support this trend. Click for details.