wirlwind - September 7, 2012

Traveled yesterday from Hopewell to Britt.  Strong winds from the NW.  Spent the night at the Town docks.  Had to pay this time.  Went for dinner at the Little Britt Inn, not as good as it was.  Found out that Jim had surgery and left for Places South...Also Paddy of 'The Paddy Shack'...Died last year.  Now this just seems like any run down old Northern Ontario town...DULL...Anyhow, tomorrow may be a bad day to head out so may stay here one more night and head for Club Island or Kilarney???


lancypa - August 2, 2012

Tomorrow is my last day in the office and with retirement I can finish the preparations for the Great Loop trip.  Lenore and I will be starting the Loop right after Labor Day.  The exact date is not set right now but it shoulld not be too much after Labor Day.

I hope to use this Blog to keep everyone informed of our trip and progress.  Stay tuned.

Summer is Upon us.

GrandCaper - May 16, 2011

In keeping with our 2year policy we have moved for the summer from the Port Credit Harbour Marina (PCHM) to Lakefront Promenade (next to the Port Credit Yacht Club). This is a 3 km. move East. We are full time live aboards with some cruising experience under sail, but we now live on a power boat. Have we gone over to the dark side?  We will be available this year to chat or share local knowledge with any interested members,

Scupper Harkins

CoolChange - April 17, 2011

Hey Scupper what's up?  Cold, wet, windy in the Tri-State area.  Linda and I will see you quite a bit this summer as I have resigned my summer school teaching job. My retirement will begin May 24, 2012. How are the dog bones? Are Gary and Pat behaving themselves?

My new puppy!!!

cygnussailor - September 1, 2010

Here's a picture of our latest holy terror!  He is so much fun!  We flew out to San Diego, California for a one week vacation, picked up "Scupper" on the last Day, then flew back to Grand Rapids.  The bad news is that we lost our Chocolate Lab "Buster" over the July 4th weekend.  He had a seizure playing in the water, doing what he loved.  He passed quickly and with no apparent pain.  We all should be so lucky.

Getting ready to jump across the pond

gbowdish - May 5, 2010

The ARC Europe departs from Tortola, BVI on May 6. Barry and I are crewing on Splendido, owned by our friend Michael. A fourth crew member, Janie, joined us today for the first leg to Bermuda. In Bermuda we will be joined by Nate and Amy for the trip across the pond departing on May 19. We'll cruise the Azores for a week then arrive in Lagos, Portugal around June 18. We'll be updating the log while underway on the ARC Europe web site, and will have a satellite tracker on board.

Closing the circle in the BVI after visiting St Martin

gbowdish - January 5, 2010

We were up early and efficiently got the dinghy and outboard on deck and secured for sea by 0730. The passage to St. Martin was only 36 miles, but it was exposed to the 4-6 foot northeast swell which had built up over several hundred miles. We reefed the main and then the genoa as we left Statia's wind shadow and found 25 knots of wind on the beam. The wind moved forward to 60 degrees apparent and an occasional wave sent salty spray into the cockpit to keep our attention.

Antigua to Statia

gbowdish - January 5, 2010

A rain cloud passed over the anchorage as we prepared to leave Antigua. Behind us, Allegro was framed by a full rainbow. Discovery had already left and was positioned at the end of the rainbow. Barry and I had decided to leave the group and head off on our own but would meet up with them on the 15th in St. Martin to help celebrate Sharon's birthday. The others planned to anchor off St. Kitts on the way to St. Martin while we planned to visit Nevis where friends Hud and Lynne from Belle of Virginia had bought a home. They had participated in the 2005 Caribbean 1500.

Guadeloupe to Antigua

gbowdish - December 14, 2009

After spending a rolly night in the anchorage at the Saintes, I went ashore the next morning to clear in with Customs, only to learn that the fax machine was broken, and I would have to go to the main island of Guadeloupe.  I stocked up on baguettes and french cheese, fresh produce from a roadside stand, and a bottle of the local rum. On the way back to my kayak, I ran into Ed and Heidi from Shearwater, a catamaran that had been anchored near me in Dominica. We seem to be on similar cruising schedules