2014 Mackinac Island Yacht Racing Schedule - Family Races

Wild Honey - April 26, 2014

Ahoy Friends and Sailors:
We are all looking forward to ice being off the lakes, and being able to negotiate open water again under sail or powerboat.  With  that in mind we would like to welcome you to join in on the fun with the 2014 season of sailboat racing events.   Whether you are a skipper, crew, supporter, or simply joining  in on the festivities, we welcome you to participate.
Enclosed are the three major racing events sponsored by Mackinac Island Yacht Club, open to all sailboats.   Additional information with race updates and results will be posted on the Mackinac Island Yacht Club web site:  www.miyachtclub.com throughout  the sailing season.
2014 Mackinac Island Racing Schedule
July 5, 2014 – The Pink Pony Fourth of July Sailboat Race
This annual event, sponsored by the Pink Pony and Chippewa Hotel, is open to all sailboats as a jib and main event.
This is a fun, family event with a plaque awarded to all participating boats. There is no entry fee.  
The awards party is held immediately following the race at Mackinac Island Yacht Club, compliments of the Pink Pony and Chippewa Hotel.
July 16, 2013 – Round The Island Race  -  Mackinac Race Week
Mackinac Island Yacht Club will be hosting the Seventh Annual Round The Island Race.    This race will be a fun event open to all sailboats. This years event will be held on Wednesday immediately following the Bayview Mackinac Race.    Boats may sail either all out or jib and main. 
The first start will be at 1:00 PM EDT. The start line will be near the East Breakwall, rounding the Island to port, finishing directly South of the Harbor.
Immediately following the race, the party will be held at Windermere Point with awards presentations, food, drinks, camaraderie, stories and lots of fun.  Prizes include a brag flags and keeper trophies. The Madigan Trophy is awarded to first overall monohull.
The race is also sponsored and supported by Mackinac Island businesses and merchants.   The entry fee of $60 will cover race registration and the family and crew party on Windermere Point.
To sign up for the race, go to www.miyachtclub.com.   Attached is a Round the Island Race poster. 
August 30, 2013 – Horns Bar Labor Day Regatta
The annual Horns Bar Labor Day Regatta takes racers through the round the island course.  It is a fun event open to sailboats of all classes.   There is no entry fee. 
The awards ceremony and party will be held immediately following the race at Mackinac Island Yacht Club, hosted by Horns Bar and the Yankee Rebel Restaurant. 
The MacMan Race will not be held this year, as it has for the last 10 years.   Little Current Yacht Club felt they did not have sufficient staff this year to effectively roll out the race.  Hopefully, it will be in hiatus only for one year. 


A new addition this year to the Round The Island Races, we are requesting each sailboat to have acquired a current PHRF certificate  (Performance Handicap Racing Factor certificate.)    The Lake Huron PHRF Association is the designated certifying body.  However, if a yacht has a current PHRF certificate from another certifying association, it  will be honored.
Enclosed is a link to the Lake Huron PHRF Association.  The cost for securing  the certificate will be $25.  The certificate will be renewed for free every year thereafter, as long as no changes have been made to the boat or sails, and the request is made  by May 1.
The Lake Huron PHRF website is :        www.lhphrf.com  
To learn more, go to www.miyachtclub.com. 
We are all looking forward to a successful and fun 2014 sailing season.  Wishing everyone a terrific summer season !
Dave Rowe
Regatta Chairman - Mackinac Island Yacht Club